Information and Sales Point

Branded sales point at a motorway border crossing, where we provide, in addition to non-stop sale of electronic vignettes, also a vast amount of services

Slovakia is visited especially by tourists from the neighbouring countries. 
Their close geographical location and our small area predetermine the method of their transport to us, 
where a car highly prevails over a train, a plane or a ship. 
Therefore the motorway is the main entrance door.


The information and sales points welcome visitors to Slovakia just after they enter the country and thus they make  an unforgettable first impression about our country

They bring the first information about the most interesting things which can be found in Slovakia and how to get to them as safely as possible. Our premises provide space for wide presentation of Slovak attractions and of the activities in their surroundings.



Cultivated area for customers

It is important for us that customers feel good in our premises and will remember us well, and that in the end they will be leaving with the feeling that they want to come back again. We believe that not only top-quality services but also the atmosphere they are provided in is very important. Therefore the premises and surrounding in modern design, good quality sanitary facilities and new parking areas completing the atmosphere and allowing the drivers to stop for a short rest at the Slovak borders are part of the sales points.

Nice staff when buying a vignette

A vignette, which is provided electronically, is necessary when entering our country. Its purchase requires a short registration, which is fully provided for our customers by the helpful staff. All our employees have taken a customer-oriented training, they can speak a foreign language and they are dressed in the corporate colours of our company. Of course we care about the growth of our services, therefore also the quality and behaviour of our employees are tested by service quality tools on a regular basis.

Information about Slovakia is a matter of course

Every visitor welcomes the information about the conditions and possibilities of staying in our country. We provide information about transport to a specific destination on our roads, about safety and statutory obligations of a motorist in our country and of course about beauties of our homeland and possibilities for relaxation, accommodation, culture and sport.