Construction of the D1 extension and the D1/D4 motorway intersection is progressing

Construction works on the key extension of the D1 motorway from Bratislava to Triblavina are progressing. The bridge over the D1 has been demolished, the embankments and the bridge foundations have been completed and works are being carried out on parts of the substructure as well as on parts of the load-bearing structures.

The construction includes 18 bridges and in the coming days the first girders on the bridge over the road “Pri Mlyne” will be laid. The whole project is being constructed in close contact with the nearby roads in operation –  the D1 motorway itself or roads of lower categories. For this reason, it is necessary to close the local road “Pri Mlyne” in the Vajnory district of Bratislava during the process of transferring and installing the precast bridge girders. The transfer of girders and their placing on the bridge structure will be carried out by heavy machinery and to ensure the safety of drivers it is necessary to redirect the traffic during these works. This closure of a 270m long section between the road I/61 (Senecká cesta) and the railway crossing will take place during the time of the lowest traffic intensity – over the weekend of 25 and 26 May 2024.          

In connection with the construction of the D1/D4 intersection, works are progressing on the construction of diversion routes, i.e. new alternative branches. These new branches will initially be used to divert the transit traffic during the process of the raising, upgrading and widening of the D1 motorway. Later on, they will serve as full-fledged branches diverting the traffic from the D1 to the D1/D4 intersection. 

The extension of the Bratislava – Triblavina section of the D1 motorway with a length of almost 3,6km, part of which is also the important interconnection of the D1 and D4 motorway, is currently one of the top priorities of the Národná diaľničná spoločnosť, a.s. (the National Motorway Company). The extension of the D1 motorway represents a strategic investment aiming above all to increase the comfort and safety of tens of thousands of passengers traveling to and from Bratislava. The completion of the intersection will significantly contribute to relieving the capital from the transit traffic.