The Kysuce region is a step closer towards completing the D3 motorway

Národná diaľničná spoločnosť, a.s. (National Motorway Company, hereinafter referred to as “NDS”) has reached another milestone in the preparation phase of the Kysuce D3 motorway. The pre-preparatory processes have been completed in an accelerated mode and the first of the three announced public tenders has been launched.

The preparation of the Kysuce motorway has been substantially accelerated over the past months, shifting the work from the pre-preparatory to the procurement phase. A notice regarding the public procurement for the D3 motorway, section Oščadnica – Čadca, Bukov, profile II was already sent to the Public Procurement Journal. 

The Kysuce motorway is a top priority for NDS. Completing the D3 motorway means not only fulfilling international commitments related to the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). Above all, completing the motorway brings long-awaited help to a region plagued by long-term transport-related problems.     

Completing the second (right) profile on the 4 km-long section between Oščadnica and Čadca is therefore part of the public procurement process. A 5,3 km-long motorway section will be added, incl. the second tunnel tube of the Horelica tunnel. The new section will include a rest area and a new Motorway Management and Maintenance Centre that will contribute to enhanced safety and comfort for drivers on the managed motorway sections.    

The estimated value of the contract is 306 million EUR without VAT, and the winner of the public procurement will be in charge of both the design and the implementation phase of the construction. 

Public procurement procedures within the state-owned National Motorway Company are set up to prioritize all tasks managed by NDS with the aim of moving from the procurement phase to the implementation phase as soon as possible. The remaining two public tenders – for the sections Žilina, Brodno – Kysucké Nové Mesto and Kysucké Nové Mesto - Oščadnica will be announced soon.   

The acceleration of the preparatory processes for the D3 motorway was achieved by streamlining the processes within NDS. A separate Preparation Section has been created to fully manage the preparatory processes preceding the implementation phase.