Motorway patrol contact: 0800 100 007

Nonstop motorized patrol directly on motorways increasing the safety, comfort and accessibility of intervention for drivers in need.

0800 100 007


Free service for motorists, which intervenes nonstop on the whole motorway network with fully equipped cars



Breakdowns, patrolling,  accident marking, cleaning, 
everything for safety and higher comfort on the motorway

Motorway Patrol accompanies you on your journey and ensures your safe return home. From a car breakdown, cleaning of pavement and 
rest areas up to patrolling in the surrounding we care about your comfort and safe travel.

 Patrolling regularly  
 Marking and cleaning accident sites  
 Solving problems with your car  
 Checking the pavement and its surrounding
 Cleaning rest areas and areas for your comfort


0800 100 007

Motorway patrol is available on the entire motorway network in Slovakia, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.


I traveled with my little son via R1 and my car got a puncture. Motorway patrol was quick, very professional and helpful. Thanks to them I and my son remained calm. 

Mária, Banská Bystrica


Areas of intervention



The emergency unit on wheels

A car of the Patrol is an emergency unit, which is able to intervene quickly and solve car technical breakdowns, mark accidents, clean the pavement surface and deal with other problems directly on the motorway.

A mysterious man of the Motorway Patrol

This mysterious man knows his district perfectly, has driven thousands of kilometres, cares about the motorway all year long. He drives on the motorway days and nights, he knows the pitfalls of particular seasons, and even slight shades of the motorway. This man knows where little animals could jump in the road, where endangered species have their paths. He is experienced with people and their behaviour, he can help with a repair, support mentally and protect physically. Briefly, he is where he should be. On the motorway.

What does the Motorway Patrol car contain

The vehicles are equipped with portable road signs, tools (common motorist’s tools, a shovel, a pickaxe, a jack, towing rope), fire extinguishers, equipment for oil product elimination, an assistance card for motorists in 13 foreign languages and pre-medical first aid kits.