Electronic vignette

All information about electronic vignettes and their purchase.

If you drive on motorways and exoressways in a car with a total weight of max. 3,5 tons.
Remember to buy an electronic vignette.

Offer of highway signs

10-day electronic vignette

The electronic vignette is valid for 10 days including the specified day.

12 €

30-day electronic vignette

The electronic vignette is valid for 30 days including the specified day.

17 €

Year vignette or 365-day vignette

The 1-year vignette is valid from January 01 of the respective calendar year to January 31 of the sub. year. The 365-day
vignette is valid for 365 calendar days from the date of purchase.

60 €



vozidlá do 3,5 tony  

Buying an electronic vignette   
will get your car to the central register   
and you can use the charged sections of motorways for your travel.

You do not have to stick the electronic vignette on the windscreen   
and you do not need to install an on-board unit in your car either.

Map of the charged sections of motorways and expressways in Slovakia


Mapa spoplatnených úsekov diaľníc a rýchlostných ciest  

A list of charged sections of motorways and expressways   

D1 Bratislava, Vajnory - Liet. Lúčka ● 185 km

D1 Dubná Skala - Turany ● 17 km

D1 Ivachnová - Bidovce ● 186 km

D2 Brodské (SK/CZ) - Bratislava, Lamač ● 55 km

D2 Bratislava, Pečňa - Čunovo (SK/HU) ● 15,8 km

D3 Hričovské Podhradie - Žilina, Brodno ● 13 km

D3 Čadca, Bukov - Skalité (SK/PL) ● 21 km

D4 Jarovce (SK/AT) - Bratislava, Jarovce ● 2 km

D4 Bratislava, Jarovce - Bratislava, Petržalka ● 2,2 km (PPP project)

D4 Bratislava, Petržalka - Bratislava, Juh ● 4,3 km(PPP project)

D4 Bratislava, Juh - Ivanka, Západ ● 15,1 km(PPP project)

D4 Ivanka, Západ - Bratislava, Vajnory ● 2,5 km(PPP project)

D4 Bratislava, Vajnory - Bratislava, Rača ● 1,6 km(PPP project)

R1 Trnava - Ban. Bystrica, Kremnička ● 158 km

R1A Nitra, Západ - Nitra, Kynek ● 2 km

R2 Lovčica, Trubín - Žiar nad Hronom ● 5 km

R2 Zvolen, Západ - Zvolen, Centrum ● 3 km

R2 Zvolen, Východ - Kriváň ● 18 km

R2 Mýtna - Lovinobaňa, Tomášovce ● 13,3 km

R4 Košice, Juh - Milhosť (SK/HU) ● 14 km

R4 Prešov, západ - Prešov, juh ● 4 km

R6 Púchov, Juh - Dolné Kočkovce ● 1 km

R7 Bratislava, Slovnaftská - Bratislava, Juh ● 6 km ● (PPP project)

R7 Bratislava, Juh - Holice ● 25,2 km ● (PPP project)


How to buy a vignette




Quick availability

Electronic vignettes are available via the internet portal, mobile application, self-service vending machines and points of sale.


Internet portal >>>
Mobile application (Android) >>>
Mobile application (iOS) >>>
List of Points of Sale >>>



Buy in a few clicks

When buying the electronic motorway vignette, the motorist enters the type of the vehicle
(whether it is only a car or a car with a trailer), the license plate number of the vehicle or the trailer,
country of vehicle registration, motorway vignette starting date and validity period, contact details for the delivery of the payment confirmation and electronic messages


A video demonstration of how to buy a vignette >>>



Payment Confirmation

When buying the motorway vignette via the internet portal or the mobile application,
the motorist gets the payment confirmation in electronic form, when buying the vignette at points
of sale, the driver will receive a paper document. The motorist does not need to have the payment
confirmation with him when driving on the charged sections of motorways and expressways.


Inspection of vignette payment

The cars driving on the charged motorways and expressways are permanently monitored by a camera system distributed over the entire infrastructure. The inspection system is supplemented by special mobile patrols.

Penalties for unpaid vignettes

The data recorded by the camera system is automatically forwarded to the Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic and to district authorities automatically. District authorities are fully responsible for the collection of penalties and solving of offences.

Exemption from vignette payment

Are you a holder of a licence of a severely disabled person? Ask for an exemption from the vignette payment. The procedure for submitting an application is described on the website www.eznamka.sk in the Customer Services section.


+421 2 32 777 777

It provides detailed information about the electronic vignette, a free service of verification of the validity period of a paid vignette, resending the vignette payment confirmation and receiving complaints, claims and requests from motorists.


System and sale of electronic vignettes