NDS warns against fraudulent messages

Over the past few days, Národná diaľničná spoločnosť (the National Motorway Company) has received several complaints concerning fake text messages about the motorway vignette. The fraudulent messages inform about unpaid invoices, unpaid fines or additional payments for the motorway vignette. These messages do not come from the National Motorway Company.

When does NDS send notification messages? 

Text messages are sent via the official sender eznamka.sk only in the following three cases. In case of submitting a request, for example a request for correction of data, in case of buying a motorway vignette and before the vignette expires. The vignette expiry notification message is sent to the customer three days before the expiry of the current vignette. 

How to distinguish an official text message from a fraudulent one

The sender of an official text message is eznamka.sk. When it comes to fake messages, most often these are sent to customers from a foreign number that can be clearly identified by the country code. They often contain a link to a website that the customer should definitely not open. Messages sent by the National Motorway Company never contain a link.